1. General
These terms and conditions, apply to all estimates, repairs and servicing of
any goods (“Goods”) provided by Babber Electronics Service Centre Ltd;
(“BESC”) to any person requesting the same (“Buyer”).

2. Estimates/Quotations
All estimates/quotations shall lapse after 30 days but may be withdrawn by
notice at any time.

2.1 Estimates/quotations are subject to the availability of the necessary
components at the time of acceptance.

2.2 BESC reserves the right to submit a revised estimate/quotation if the need
for additional work becomes apparent after work has commenced; and/or if
the cost of any parts change. In such situations, work will be suspended
pending the receipt of further instructions from the Buyer and acceptance of
these by BESC.

3. Inspection Fee/Deposit/Times
BESC reserves the right to charge an inspection fee prior to commencing any
work and/or a reasonable deposit from the Buyer towards the cost of any
repair or service. All call out charges and deposits paid are non- refundable.

3.1 The Repair/service time is subject to spares and availability.

4. Collection from the Buyer
If BESC agrees to arrange for Goods to be collected from the Buyer, BESC
shall not be responsible for loss or damage to the Goods due to insufficient or
improper packaging or for any other consequential loss or damage,
howsoever arising. BESC shall notify the Buyer of any charges to be made
before collection of Goods. Making the Goods available for collection shall be
deemed acceptance of such collection charges by the Buyer.

5. Collection after service, repair or replacement
Unless otherwise agreed in writing by BESC, serviced, repaired or
replacement Goods shall be held at the premises of BESC, for collection by
the Buyer until full payment has been received. Goods shall be signed for on
receipt by or on the behalf of the Buyer.

6. Risk
The risk of loss or damage to Goods shall pass to BESC upon delivery to
BESC’s premises and then from BESC to the Buyer upon delivery of Goods
after service, repair or replacement at the address specified by the Buyer or
into custody on his/hers behalf (whichever is sooner).

6.1 BESC shall not be liable for the loss or damage to Data, video tapes,
audio tapes, Compact Disks, DVD disks, records or other media that may
accompany any Goods.

6.2 Damaged goods, we must be notified within 24 hours from date of receipt

7. Payment
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment is due and must be paid on or
before collection of the serviced, repaired or replacement Goods by the
Buyer. Any costs incurred to recover payment will be passed to the Buyer.

8. Uncollected Goods
When Goods are ready for collection after repair/service or when an estimate
has been prepared BESC shall write to the Buyer at the address specified by
the Buyer (“the Initial Letter”). If the Buyer does not contact BESC, BESC
shall write to the Buyer at least one month after the date of the Initial Letter.
If the Goods have not been collected, or if instructions to deliver the Goods or
to commence work have not been given by the Buyer and accepted by BESC
within three months of the date of the Initial Letter title to the Goods shall pass
to BESC who shall then be free to dispose of the Goods and the Buyer shall
not be entitled to payment of any compensation.

9. Warranty
BESC warrants that any repair made hereunder shall be free of defect in
material and workmanship for ninety days after delivery or collection of Goods
to the Buyer for the parts replaced.

9.1 BESC warrants that no Goods serviced hereunder shall develop any
defect which should have been revealed by the service for ninety days after
delivery to or collection of the Goods by the Buyer.

9.2 BESC will only warrant the repair undertaken and not the complete

10. Manufactures Guarantee
BESC shall accept repairs under manufacturer’s guarantees if all
requirements are met as per the manufactures requirements. BESC shall
apply a Charge for a contribution towards the call out, as the manufacturers
guarantee does not cover this.

10.1 If upon inspection BESC finds that the Goods do not have a
manufacturing defect the Buyer will be informed and a charge will be made for
the inspection, and any subsequent repair.

11. Privacy policy
BESC will use all reasonable efforts to protect your personal data and to keep
it secure and protected from unauthorised access, use, alteration or unlawful
destruction. You may contact us at service@babber.com if you would like to
view amend or update the personal data that we have collected from you and
store on our servers or if you would like us to delete your personal data.
BESC will not hold your personal data for any longer than is reasonably
necessary. BESC reserves the right to charge you a small administrative fee
(not exceeding £20) in relation to requests to provide a copy of all personal
date we hold about you.

BESC is collecting your personal details (including your name address contact
number and or email address) principally in order to process your order for
services. By providing your personal details to BESC, you agree that BESC
may pass your details to its relevant associates or business partners
(including the manufacturer (or its agents) of your product which is to be
repaired by BESC, principally in connection with any cost of repair warranty
claim). Please be aware that your personal data may therefore be shared with
or made available to entities outside of the European Union. Where BESC
transfers personal data outside of the European Union, it will only do so in
accordance with European data privacy laws. You also agree that BESC may
contact you occasionally with details of services or special offers that may be
of interest to you.

12. Complaints Procedure
If you wish to make a complaint you can contact our complaints team in any of
the ways listed below:

Via Email: complaints@babber.com

In writing:
Complaints Department
Babber Electronics Service Centre Ltd
Unit 7, Waterside Trading centre, Trumpers Way
London W7 2QD

By telephone: 020 8893 6550

Your complaint will be fully investigated and a response issued within 21
working days.

Response times
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 2 working days.
We will issue a full response within 21 working days.
If there is a delay in responding we will keep you informed of our progress.

We are happy to receive any other comments on our service to customers.
Please contact us in any of the ways mentioned above or alternatively you
can email us from the contact us section of our website at www.babber.com